Vidéos: Trolls, bots et propagande automatisée

Russia weaponized Twitter to sway election (3’21 »)
21 Sept. 2017. CNN looks into how Russia used Twitter as a weapon in its propaganda campaign during the 2016 US election by using fake, pro-Trump accounts to influence voters. Interviewee: Sam Woolley, Computational Propaganda Research Project (Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford)

The Invisible Election Sophisticated Twitter Bots (2’24 »)
7 June 2017. SkyNews piece on the use of botnets, networks of automated accounts spreading political messages in the UK, Mexico (2014), Russia and elsewhere.

Downgraded declassified version of a more sensitive assessment by US intelligence agencies regarding the 2016 presidential election process.

Cracking the stealth political influence of bots
2016 PBS piece on good & bad Twitter bots (Brexit, 2014 Indian election, ISIS, etc.), how bots work and how to spot them (Botometer). Ex: @DeepDrumpf, AI-powered sentence-generating bot.

Why are Russian trolls spreading online hoaxes in the U.S.?

8 June 2015. PBS piece on the ‘Internet Research Agency’, a shadowy Russian organization in St. Petersburg that hires trolls to spread propaganda and hoaxes online. Jeffrey Brown interviews Adrian Chen of The New York Times Magazine on his in-depth piece ‘The Agency‘ about what he’s discovered about the group.