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‘Fake news’ has anti-Semitic origins, says American Bar Foundation research professor
President Donald Trump has claimed that he coined the phrase “fake news,” but the term and the idea it represents are not new, according to an American Bar Foundation research professor. – by Debra Cassens Weiss – Tags: fake news

Myanmar conflict: Fake photos inflame tension
Photos and video purporting to be from the conflict have been circulated widely. Much of it is gruesome and inflammatory, and much of it is wrong. – by Jonathan Head – Tags: fake news, verification

Fake Al Jazeera webpage claims Saudi Arabia paid Russian media for loyalty
A webpage masking itself as Al Jazeera has published a report claiming that Saudi Arabia bribed several Russian media outlets, including RT, not to publish any stories that could damage the Arab kingdom. – Tags: fake news, propagande

We cannot stamp out fake news without tackling social problems
The term “fake news” has become such a common expression in political language that some people question whether it’s real. President Trump dismisses opponents and journalists he doesn’t like as fake news. – by Damian Collins – Tags: facebook, fake news, journalism

Your guide to spotting ‘fake news’ about Harvey (hint: there’s no shark on the highway)
There are some truly astonishing photos coming out of the flooding in Houston. But there are also some astonishingly fake ones. In general, it’s a good idea to take any particularly jaw-dropping image you see with a grain of salt. – by Jessica Roy – Tags: fake news, trucages, verification

Will Facebook Decide Which News Is Fake?
Like North Korea, everybody agrees that fake news is a big problem. But also like the Hermit Kingdom, nobody really knows what to do about it. – by Alex Berezow – Tags: facebook, fake news

The Guy Who Tweeted The Fake Viral Street Shark Photo Wants You To Know He Regrets Nothing
« Of course I knew it was fake, it was part of the reason I shared the bloomin’ thing. ».. – by Craig Silverman – Tags: fake news, trucages

Jesse Watters Falls For Fake Photo Of Shark Swimming In Houston
Jesse Watters of Fox News just got reeled in by a whopper of a fish tale. On “The Five” Monday night, the host recounted some memorable images from the catastrophic storm Harvey that has walloped Houston. – by Ron Dicker – Tags: fake news, trucages

The Gulf crisis: Fake news shines spotlight on psychological warfare
By James M. Dorsey – Tags: bots, désinformation, fake news, propagande, social media

The Design of Trust: Combating Fake News
Computer researchers at the University of Washington recently published a video of President Barack Obama speaking. Except he’s not. – by Caleb Garling – Tags: bots, facebook, fact-checking, fake news, journalism, media literacy, technology, verification

Readers share their thoughts on what they consider ‘fake news’
A few weeks ago I wrote that I hear various descriptions from readers of what they consider to be “fake news,” the buzzwords President Donald Trump has popularized. Some people call a news story they don’t agree with “fake news” or a story they felt received too much play. – by Adrian Vore – Tags: fake news, journalism

Facebook Drowns Out Fake News With More Information
Facebook Inc. is fighting misinformation with more information. Starting Thursday, when Facebook’s U.S. users come across popular links–including made-up news articles–in their feeds, they may also see a cluster of other articles on the same topic. – by Deepa Seetharaman – Tags: facebook, fake news

Media Literacy Project: What makes a news story “objective” and why does it matter?
Being objective “means doing stories that will make your friends mad when appropriate and not doing stories that are actually hit jobs or propaganda masquerading as journalism,” according to journalist and Harvard lecturer Alex S. Jones. – by Risa Anderson, Anna Elvestrom – Tags: fact-checking, fake news, journalism

Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos
Publication List for Matthias Nießner – by Justus Thies – Tags: fake news, trucages

Facebook helped blunt Russian meddling in French elections
Facebook played a key role in identifying and stopping Russian interference in the recent French election, a US congressman has revealed. – by Tom Regan – Tags: facebook, fake news

Ils ont photoshoppé Ben Laden !
De son vivant, son image avait déjà été manipulée. Particulièrement par le FBI, qui avait dû reconnaître avoir utilisé la photographie d’un homme politique espagnol, Gaspar Llamazares, pour vieillir Ben Laden, faute de clichés récents. – Tags: fake news, trucages

As doctored photos flood the Internet, human vision struggles to keep up
Experts estimate that humans take more than 1 trillion photos a year, and that we’re uploading them to Facebook (let alone the rest of the Internet) at a rate of 4,000 per second. – by Karen Kaplan – Tags: fake news, trucages

We are not done with state-sponsored hacking. Far from it.
Last Friday, a few hours before the end of the French presidential campaign, and right at the start of the mandatory “quiet period” before the vote, Twitter erupted: A big dump of documents had just been released. – by Learn, Frederic Filloux – Tags: bots, désinformation, fake news, propagande, security

Scarily convincing fake video tool puts words in Obama’s mouth
Until now, video lip-syncing involved hours of filming and editing.  But the computer program can create a clip with new audio after analysing one hour of speech rather than 14.   – by Cara McGoogan – Tags: bots, éducation aux médias, fake news, journalism, media literacy, trucages

How fares trust in journalism amid a sea of fake news?
Three recent reports – from Ofcom, the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, and the Oxford Internet Institute – provide some pointers Three recent reports – from Ofcom, the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, and the Oxford Internet Institute – provide som – by Paul Chadwick – Tags: fake news, journalism

Борьба с неправдивой информацией о событиях в Украине
The latest edition of StopFake News with Christi Anne Hofland. – Tags: fact-checking, fake news

Advanced Guide on Verifying Video Content
One of the most common issues for researchers and journalists is verifying user-generated video content, most often found on social networks and file sharing platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. – by Aric Toler – Tags: fake news, journalism, social media, verification

How can we defeat fake news?
Is there a more significant issue in the public domain than the spread of misinformation online? “Post-truth” has entered the lexicon, fake news has played a significant role in political referendums in Europe and the election of a United States President, media organizations across the board h – by Mike Hanley – Tags: bots, fake news

The reason fake news spreads so fast on Facebook and Twitter
FAKE news, hoaxes, and outright lies are spreading on social media because users are inundated with posts from dubious sources and are not paying enough attention to question their truthfulness, according to a new study published today. – by Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson – Tags: bots, facebook, fake news, information overload, twitter

Twitter’s spam tools helped shut down 376,890 terrorist accounts in 6 months
Twitter’s latest transparency report is out, and for the first time it includes data on requests to remove content posted by journalists, and requests resulting in the takedown of accounts promoting terrorism. The report is Twitter’s tenth since it first began publishing them in 2012. – by Liat Clark – Tags: bots, désinformation, fake news, twitter

Facebook lance une campagne publicitaire contre les « fausses informations »
Cette campagne prend la forme d’une série de dix conseils, censés permettre aux utilisateurs de ne pas se faire piéger par des informations erronées cherchant sciemment à les tromper : « Méfiez-vous des titres. » « Effectuez des recherches sur la source. – Tags: bots, désinformation, facebook, fake news

Improvements in protecting the integrity of activity on Facebook
People come to Facebook to make meaningful connections. From the beginning, we’ve believed that can only be possible if the interactions here are authentic – and if people use the names they’re known by. – by Facebook Security – Tags: bots, désinformation, facebook, fake news

Facebook is deleting a bunch of spam accounts in its effort to fight fake news
Facebook has found another way to try and curb the spread of fake news: Hunting down and deleting spam accounts that aren’t actual humans. – by Kurt Wagner – Tags: bots, désinformation, facebook, fake news

Understand the Fake News
Something weird happened on the wonk internet last week. Shortly after the shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others in Alexandria, Virginia, an infographic with the logo of explanatory news site Vox began ricocheting across Twitter. – by Ian Prasad Philbrick – Tags: fake news

A ridiculous YouTube video claiming we found aliens kept making the news, so NASA debunked it
The headlines sound thrilling. One might say they bait a click. Maybe you know of Anonymous as a band of socially enlightened hackers: liberators of knowledge from elites who want to hide it from the public. You certainly know what NASA is. – by Avi Selk – Tags: anonymous, éducation aux médias, fake news, journalism, media literacy, verification

The Computational Propaganda Project
Project member Sam Woolley was interviewed about bots and the 2016 US Election on NPR. How do you judge public opinion on any given issue? What others are thinking? Paying attention to? If social media play into your read, watch out. – Tags: bots, fake news, propagande

Evidence is mounting that Russia took 4 clear paths to meddle in the US election
It was September 2015 when the FBI first noticed that Russian hackers had infiltrated a computer system belonging to the Democratic National Committee. It was the first sign that Moscow was attempting to meddle in the presidential election. – by Natasha Bertrand, Sonam Sheth – Tags: bots, désinformation, facebook, fake news, propagande, security

Fake News: 10 Tips to Help You Identify and Avoid Misleading News
Fake news is a type of yellow journalism. It is written and published to gain financially or politically. Facebook, Google, and other tech companies have been trying so hard to control spreading fake news. – by Muhammad Nadeem – Tags: fake news

Fake News : les illusions perdues de la démocratie connectée
Mobilisation générale pour la vérité sur Internet. C’est le nouveau mot d’ordre de ce début d’année où un grand nombre d’initiatives ont été prises, en France et dans le monde, pour endiguer le phénomène des « fake news » (fausses informations) qui circulent sur la toile. – by Learn, Eric Léal – Tags: désinformation, fake news

Eli Pariser Predicted the Future. Now He Can’t Escape It.
In the aftermath of the US election, as pundits blamed highly biased media outlets and fake news stories for Trump’s win, Eli Pariser appeared to be some sort of augur. – by Jessi Hempel – Tags: fake news, social media

Pants on fire: content verification tools and other ways to deal with the fake news problem
The implications of the filter bubble are manifold and people in the field have been talking about the phenomenon for a while. Yet, this is the first time that a broad audience became aware that something unusual is happening. – by Aleksandra Kuczerawy – Tags: fake news, social media, technology, verification

Comment une officine a créé 75 comptes pour nuire à Emmanuel Macron
Ce samedi, une opération a eu lieu en se servant des blogs de Mediapart pour nuire à Emmanuel Macron. La tentative, mobilisant 75 faux comptes fut diablement orchestré et n’a heureusement pas pris. – by Nicolas Vanderbiest – Tags: désinformation, fake news

Femmes voilées devant une CAF : la photo truquée qui fait le tour du web
Cette image d’un groupe de femmes entièrement voilées faisant la queue devant une Caisse d’allocations familiales se propage sur les réseaux sociaux depuis quelques jours. Le site Metronews a enquêté sur cette photo. Il explique qu’elle est en fait truquée. – Tags: désinformation, fake news, trucages

A distorted reality: Teaching media literacy in the era of fake news
In the era of “fake news,” how are we raising the next generation of media literate youth? Millennials are known as a tech-savvy generation, a generation with hundreds to thousands of followers on social media, a generation with the world at their fingertips. – by KATIE BOWLER – Tags: fake news, media literacy

A Global Guide to Initiatives Tackling “Fake News”
Here’s a list of initiatives that hope to fix trust in journalism and tackle “fake news”. There’s a lot. – by Fergus Bell – Tags: fake news

Pathology of a fake news story
The accuracy of our media has been placed under constant question, with many claims being called out as false, or fake. Sometimes, this is done because someone doesn’t like a story or fact in the media; other times, the news really is fake. – by Learn, Leon Derczynski – Tags: fake news

Immigration, affaires, Europe… Une campagne présidentielle truffée d’intox
Retour dans le détail sur plus de 50 fausses informations et affirmations contestables qui ont pollué la campagne. Lire aussi : Présidentielle : comment différencier vrais et faux sondages ? – by Adrien Sénécat – Tags: désinformation, fake news

Une de ces nouvelles était fausse. Voici la solution
1. Avez-vous utilisé Google News? S’il s’agit d’actualités récentes (c’était le cas), et si elles sont authentiques, elles vont nécessairement apparaître (malheureusement, des fausses nouvelles vont aussi y apparaître). – Tags: désinformation, éducation aux médias, fake news

The rise of left-wing, anti-Trump fake news
Since the US election presidential race, fact checking websites report what seems like an increase in anti-Trump, ‘liberal fake news’. – by BBC Trending – Tags: fake news

Google and Facebook Can’t Just Make Fake News Disappear
Increasingly, I’m frustrated by (and often antagonistic toward) the emergent narrative about how to address so-called “fake news. – by Danah Boyd, 10103365017275213 – Tags: fake news, technology

The rise of fake news – The Review
In early December, Edgar Maddison Welch fired an assault rifle inside a Washington, D.C. pizzeria as horrified customers and employees fled the restaurant, according to a report from The New York Times. No one was hurt, and the 28-year-old North Carolinian was arrested. – by RYAN THORNTON – Tags: fake news

Art of the lie
CONSIDER how far Donald Trump is estranged from fact. He inhabits a fantastical realm where Barack Obama’s birth certificate was faked, the president founded Islamic State (IS), the Clintons are killers and the father of a rival was with Lee Harvey Oswald before he shot John F. Kennedy.  – Tags: fake news

Fake news is a real problem. These college students came up with a fix.
When Nabanita De scrolled through her Facebook feed recently, she felt afraid. There were so many posts with competing information and accusations about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that she didn’t know how to begin deciphering the fearmongering from the reality. – by Colby Itkowitz – Tags: fake news

What to Do About Fake News, Fake Apps and Fake Government Services
Hoaxes have been around forever. From online pictures of seven headed snakes to Russian President Putin riding a bear, most people know better and move on with a smile. But in 2017, the word “fake” has taken on an entirely new meaning. – by Dan Lohrmann – Tags: fake news

WTF is fake news?
Everyone, even our new president, seems to be talking about “fake news” — just look at how Google searches have spiked over the past few months. But what does fake news actually mean? On one level, the term seems pretty self-explanatory. – by Anthony Ha – Tags: fake news

5 tips to identifying fake news
Only one of the following is true: – by People – Tags: fact-checking, fake news

Long Before There Was ‘Fake News,’ There Were ‘Fake Photos’
On display at the « Photography and Discovery » exhibit at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Mass., is a photo of two men dressed in traditional Arab garb in a carpeted room (above). They’re smoking a pipe. It’s a beautiful photo, but it’s not from the Middle East. – by Luke Gartlan – Tags: fake news

This is your brain on fake news: what’s behind the human willingness to swallow “alternative facts”
Have you heard that Obama has used anywhere from four to 75 different Social Security numbers? Those white streaks that hang in the sky, in the wake of airplanes? Those are chemicals that the government releases into the air to brainwash us. – by Noah Charney – Tags: fake news

Britain’s Channel 4, Finnish Production Company Set Programs, Formats on Fake News
Channel 4 will feature a programming focus dubbed ‘Fake News Week’ in early February, while Aito has unveiled an entertainment show format featuring celebrity contestants. – by Georg Szalai – Tags: fake news

Le Pen follows Trump’s lead on social media bombardment
Paris (AFP) – Domination of social media was a key weapon in Donald Trump’s rise to the US presidency, and now France’s far-right leader, Marine Le Pen, is looking to follow suit, analysts say. – Tags: fachosphère, fake news, réseaux sociaux

Information Overload: Fake News in The Era of Online Propaganda & Disinformation
[dropcap]E[/dropcap] veryone from Hillary Clinton to President Barack Obama to academics and media critics have voiced concern over the spread of fake news following Donald Trump’s surprise election victory, even going so far as saying viral fictitious stories directly influenced the result. – by Rashed Mian – Tags: fake news, propagande

How Academia, Google Scholar And Predatory Publishers Help Feed Academic Fake News
In a week in which not an instant has gone by without a headline somewhere blaring the phrase “fake news,” it is important that we not lose track of the journalistic and societal underpinnings that have allowed false and misleading news to flourish. – by Kalev Leetaru – Tags: fake news

Facebook’s Fake News Detector And The Myth Of Technology As Savior
Last week Facebook formally unveiled its solution to the “fake news” epidemic: a series of tools and partnerships that will place a small group of elite organizations as the ultimate arbitrators of “truth” over a population of 1.7 billion users spanning the entire globe. – by Kalev Leetaru – Tags: fake news, technology

‘Storm of lies’: The state of fake news in Europe
Europe is in a state of high alert over the rise of fake news and sites that incite hate online. Countries like France are no strangers to the problem, with media experts saying it has been growing exponentially since the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks. – by Jessica Davies – Tags: fake news

The age of disinformation: How to stave off
WASHINGTON — It was frightening, but not surprising, when a troubled young man with an AR-15 arrived here from North Carolina to “investigate” whether a popular pizza parlor was a front for a child pedophilia ring being operated by Hillary Clinton allies. – by Carl Cannon – Tags: fake news