Test : Searching and Verifying Digital Imagery

In a Word document (to be sent to robert@bourgoing.com), explain your step-by-step logical mental process, to verify the following videos and photos.

Use any combination of the tools (here and here) we have seen and methodology we have learned, and illustrate your answers with screen captures and hypertext links.


Equipe 1: Valentine Morlot et Maxime Rolin

Equipe 2: Maëlle Vettoretti et Sarah Duperier

Equipe 3: Jean-Fabien David et Marie Gardeisen

Equipe 4: Alice Laville et Pauline Brousse  

Equipe 5: Julie Bossard et Anaïs Juste

Equipe 6: Amaïa Azanza et Théo Le Roux

Equipe 7: Sarah Leal et Margot Marty

Equipe 8: Tiphaine Barailhe et Audrey Marty