I am an online communication specialist, international development journalist and aid transparency advocate. You will find here a sample of my work and a blog on aid transparency in developing countries. This blog feeds into a professional discussion forum that I manage on LinkedIn. From community-based initiatives to capacity building programs and journalism projects, this group explores the demand side of international aid transparency efforts, and their impact on local governance and the accountability of aid recipients.

On a more personal level, on the French site (with an automatic translation feature in the top right-hand corner), my other blog, “Flashbacks”, is a series of reflections on issues related to the rule of law, human rights, humanitarian aid, international development and media representations of the developing world. Each article's starting point is a photographic snapshot of an encounter/event that I experienced while traveling in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, as well as in my home countries, Canada and France.

The English version of this site is under construction. Thank you for your understanding.

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